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Carfix's main feature detects the location of the distress immediately. Besides being convenient for all, it benefits those who are not familiar on the street. It is cost and time saving as the insured does not have to waste time explaining their whereabouts and providing the address. Saving time to look for nearby tow truck is also a big plus point.

All the hassle and inconvenience of getting the wrong address or tow trucks losing their way will be prevented. Adding to the list of services, these features are provided to the consumers for free. You are able to check your no claim discount, insurance details, vehicle history and other available information that are very useful when it comes to situations such as accidents, buying and selling cars.

Carfix prioritizes efficiency, reliability, and your safety when you are in need. So what are you waiting for? Download the Carfix application on Google Play or Apple Store for free now! Interested parties looking for collaboration opportunities can get in touch as we can also programme Carfix to do a tie-in with respected call centres of Insurance companies.

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